Deep work: Wednesday Nite Practice

Beginning  29. March, I will offer a class on Wednesday evenings in Kreuzlingen.

18.30- 20.00


The class will start with a "flowy warm-up" and preparation work for deeper Asana practice. We will slow down and take some time and space to allow exploration, variations and perhaps working towards more advanced and deeper Asanas. 

Some time will be allocated for "self-practice" with guidance and assistance-- to personalize your practice.

Finishing with Pranayama, a short Meditation and of course Savasana.


This course is best suited for experienced Yogi(ni)s and is not recommended for beginners.


Class size is limited to 8 Yogis. Please sign in.

Email any questions to

Location:  Physioraum,  Sonnestrasse 57, Kreuzlingen, 1.Floor (Kurzraum)


Trial class 15-Sfr

Single class 22-Sfr / class --- 5x Abo 100sfr.




Tracy Cooper





Tel / WhatsApp: +41 77 477 05 25