Embodied Energy Flow

My teaching  has slowly evolved into a strong, slow, ever changing flow. A mix of different styles  with the focus on  movement and breathing to free and expand our energy body.


When you first begin Yoga the goal is often to make shapes with your body. To improve your flexibility or work on strength. Many consider it another form of fitness. 


But Asana is just a small part of "what is Yoga".....


As we dive deeper into the world of Yoga we often begin to experience more subtle aspects of the practice. Beautiful side effects of the Asana practice.

It may begin by simply connecting to your breath or finding a place and space to feel some inner peace and calm.

The more you practice the more refined and subtle your experiences may become.


Imagine your yoga mat as a sacred place.

Imagine each asana and each breath as medicine, for your body, mind and spirit.


This class is a strong, slow flow. 

Linking our physical practice on the mat, to our subtle energy body within.

It is a fusion of teachings and practices from classical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Meridian/Fascial theory and Energy Medicine Yoga.  Most importantly each asana and sequence is planned intentionally. 

No one will argue about the physical benefits of Yoga (improved strength & flexibility, better posture, strengthening our immune and cardiovascular systems) .

However alongside the physical benefits our asana practice can influence the flow of Energy within the deeper Subtle body. (our Prana or Qi) 

When we combine breathwork and embodiment with movement the magic can begin.

Its all about the Prana.


Take time to feel, to move, to breathe. 

Join me to expand….

Tracy Cooper



Contact: tracycooperyoga@gmail.com


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